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Once a decision is made, it is frequently challenging for standing company resources to deliver the required strategic projects.  Existing resources may not have the skills required to manage projects effectively, or the necessary time to run a project and remain on top of their normal business.  Hardwick Consulting Group provides short to medium-term contracting services to address this requirement.

"The Hardwick Consulting Group provided a holistic, collaborative process, maximizing staff engagement and buy-in." 


Our contracting services provide skilled resources for specific short to medium-term engagements, whether to perform a specific role on a strategic project, or simply to plug a gap while you find the right person to join your business. 

Change Management

Significant change carries the potential unsettle the most important asset of every organization: its staff. That is why every strategic change needs to be accompanied by a change management plan that will support people through the change, contributing toward the success of the project.​


Our experience alongside executives, leadership, and end-users gives us a unique perspective to help organizations achieve successful implementation of programs, initiatives. With a focus on organizational agility, we help leaders anticipate and navigate the challenges to change.

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