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It started with an idea.

Alan Hardwick and Kristen Martin founded The Hardwick Consulting Group in 2021 with a goal to provide innovative solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals facing tough challenges. With decades of consulting, leadership, and investigative experience in corporate HR space, criminal law, and family disputes, we wanted to help individuals and companies work through complex problems to find successful outcomes.  

We have gathered and continue to grow trusted relationships with outstanding technical, forensic, and subject matter experts in a wide array of disciplines, with experience in small and large business and government environments.  With our associates, we have the capacity to find solutions for all manner of challenges.

Our organization grew into two corporations in 2022:

Hardwick Consulting Group, Inc. for business and HR consulting, security consulting, emergency preparedness, and risk management, and Hardwick Investigative Services, Inc. for professional and private investigations. Both businesses aim to provide the highest degree of service and professional assistance to you.

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